About Us


Beijing Love & Health Group, a multi-operation enterprise with a history of 20 years, is mainly involved in the industries of medical investment, securities and funds, hotel and food service, and real estate.

The Group was founded in 1993, with the total registered capital of nearly 600 million Yuan. Currently, it owns over 10 wholly-owned or controlling companies scattering in Beijing, Hunai, Shenzhen and Hubei, including Beijing Love & Health Medical Investment Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Love & Health Venture Capital Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing Huasheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Huangshi Love & Health Hospital, Yueyang Love & Health Hospital, Beijing Antaipu Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Huasheng Jingxing hotel Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Aoyifang Hotel Management Co., Ltd., etc. Its talent team is composed of nearly 2,000 outstanding management staffs and elites in the industries of investment, hospital management, food and hotel, real estate, etc.

On May 7, 2013, the Group and Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College of HUST held the signing ceremony of a contract on medical cooperation, which started a new model featured by cooperation between public and private hospitals in China. The two parties’ cooperation has improved the local medical level and is helpful to solve the problem that to see a doctor is difficult and expensive for common people. It is a valuable practice and exploration into the complex problems facing China after China's medical reform stepped into the crucial period.

The Group is committed to developing itself into a high-end enterprise with the characteristics of information systematization, management standardization, service refinement and investment modernization. Believing that innovation, for an enterprise, is the fundamental driving force for benign value-added activities and the resource of capital appreciation, the Group is striving to advance the thinking innovation, institutional innovation, technological innovation, brand innovation, cultural innovation and mechanism innovation in an comprehensive way. Praising the institutional management highly, the Group has established a scientific and standardized corporate governance structure. The Group always adheres to the principle of honest operation and exerts itself to produce excellent products, provide sincere services and contribute to the society. Within the group, the employs live like a family in a cultural atmosphere featured by mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual assistance and mutual benefit. Thanks to the innovative management mode and cultural atmosphere, the Group is gradually developing into a modernized group enterprise.

By virtue of its strong financial strength, constantly optimized management mode and innovation spirit, the Group has produced one after another magnificent movement over the years. By the late 1990s, the Group, with the total investment of 3 billion Yuan, has developed 300,000-square-meter real estate projects such as Huasheng Garden, Huasheng Movement and Olympic Family within four years. The boss of the Group was thus described by the media as the "Real Estate Elite in Beijing." In 2004, the Group successfully took full control of Huangshi Steel Hospital, a tertiary hospital with a history of 80 years, and built it into one of China's first privately operated wholly-owned tertiary hospitals. During the three months from the end of 2009 to January 2010, the Group successfully commissioned Beijing International Trust Co., Ltd. to issue 50-million-yuan sun private fund.

In the past 20 years, the Group, depending on the collective power, perseverance and a never-say-die spirit, constantly implemented the effective development strategies and advanced the assets reorganization. Through the brand-supported scale operation and management-based standardized service, the Group has comprehensively improved its core competition to adapt to the more competitive market environment. The Group's development course tells us that if we want to put the Group in an invincible position, we must be forward-looking and clearheaded, have passion, confidence, determination and courage, dare to take the lead and have the courage to take risks. As we know, the devise strategies determine the future victory.

 -- Beijing Love & Health Group