Address from the Chairman


Our mission is to "create a life-equality-oriented medical environment with our love." Why? Life is originally equal in the world before each man is endowed with a unique role and identity. Thus, our pursuit is intended to return. Where to return? We shall return to the original life equality. It is easier said than done. We shall live up to our mission with practical actions and start from details.

The word of "love" is highlighted in our mission. The executives of our hospital engraved the stone at the gate of Huangshi Love & Health Hospital with the word "love". What is love? Love is what its name suggests rather than what we conjecture. You love your family, your wife and children. You love your wife or husband. He is what he is. Do not manipulate him. Do not put him into the way you want. Love the way he does. Accept what he is like. Help him become who he wants to be. This is true love. To put it simply, love is sacrifice instead of taking. If you treat patients with love, accept their original state, and do your best to meet their needs, you love them as they are. Meeting the needs of patients is love or "patient first". Think about it, if we treat our patients, relatives, colleagues and friends with love, what can we get in return? It must be love.

What does the "equal life" in our mission mean? To put it simply, each person has only one life, so life is equal and deserves our care and love, regardless of the worth, status and position of the patients. In other words, we shall treat the patients as ourselves, family members, relatives and friends. How will we treat our family members when they are sick? We shall treat each patient with the same attitude, although we never met him before. This is the real life equality. Since life equality is an extremely holy ideal and pursuit, so many far-sighted people are enthusiastically committed to it in the world. It seems difficult to achieve life equality, but life equality is displayed when we no longer see it as a slogan, treat every patient by holding the faith of life equality in our life, and kindly treat every family member. It is seen when we complete any of these things. Thus, it is easy to achieve life equality if we do little by little. From this perspective, I think our mission is not a fictive story in the Arabian Nights or grandstanding rhetoric. Instead, it is a beacon guiding our work and life. Eventually, we and the patients will both benefit.

The "medical environment" mentioned in our mission does not only refer to the medical environment in our Huangshi Love & Health Hospital. We shall spread our pursuit of life equality and actions of medical practices with love to the whole society. We shall influence other medical institutions by our actions. We and other medical institutions shall help each other and cooperate with each other. We shall affect and motivate them by our actions, so that we can "create a medical environment where life is equal with our love" together with them. Only in this way can our mission be achieved in a wider range.

Loving yourself and our hospital is small love. Great love is to let this society be full of love!


Beijing Love & Health Group
Chairman: Wang Dong