Academician Li Peigen takes up the post of Co-Chairman of Aikang Group

Hardly had the mist been dispersed by the long-lost sunlight on the morning of December 3, when members of Aikang Group Office, presidents of various hospitals affiliated to Aikang Group, and vice presidents of Aikang Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. and Aikang Mommy Internet Technology Co., Ltd. had lined up in front of the Wuhan headquarters of Aikang Group, waiting for the arrival of an important person. He is Li Peigen, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor and former President of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He would attend the meet-and-greet meeting in the capacity of Co-Chairman of Aikang Group.

Senior executives lining up to welcome Academician Li Peigen
Li Peigen’s (Uncle Gen) mission to boost development of Aikang Group
In the waves of warm applause, Academician Li Peigen took a step of milestone significance for the development of Aikang Group. First, Mr. Wang Guannan, Senior Vice President of Aikang Group, took him around the headquarters. When visiting the Aikang Cloud Technology R & D Office, he was recognized by some employees at a glance. Such employees who graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology warmly greeted him, feeling excited because they would work together from then on.

Uncle Gen” visiting Aikang Cloud Technology R & D Office

Staying realistic and pragmatic, Li Peigen, as the good former President of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, is reputed as "Uncle Gen". He embarks on a new journey as the Co-Chairman of Aikang Group, shouldering an honorable mission to help Aikang Group build a world-class medical management group and create a life-equality-oriented medical environment.
At the meet-and-greet meeting, Wuhan headquarters of Aikang Group initiated a video connection with North American Business headquarters of Aikang Group. At the video conference, Dr. Wang Dong, Chairman of Aikang Group, first introduced the situation about Academician Li’s joining Aikang Group. He said: "I am very honored and excited to see Academician Li has become our Co-Chairman. Common values forged an indissoluble bond between us fifteen years ago. So far, he has participated in making of many important decisions for our development, and offered many guiding opinions on the revision of the Aikang Basic Law.
Chairman Wang Dong at the video conference venue in North American Business headquarters
Fifteen years ago, Dr. Wang Dong, a well-known real estate elite in Beijing, resolutely shifted his business focus to the medical field. Instead of purely seeking profits, he determined to devote to a lofty and great cause that can benefit tens of millions of patients, hoping all his customers can enjoy medical resources with dignity and equality. If so, he would feel quite satisfied and happy.
Since his childhood, Academician Li Peigen has been edified and influenced deeply by his father as a doctor at Tongji Hospital. With the same values as that of Dr. Wang Dong, he was deeply touched by the personality charm and benevolence of Dr. Wang Dong.
Strongly agreeing to the values of Aikang Group, Academician Li Peigen decided to join Aikang Group to advance the health management undertaking of benefiting the country and the people. Now he has officially become the Co-Chairman of Aikang Group, helping Aikang Group to create a life-equality-oriented medical environment with love, to make a substantial breakthrough in health management of chronic diseases worldwide, and to build an international hospital management group.

Co-developing good undertakings with love
Always regarding Academician Li Peigen as his teacher, Dr. Wang Dong has repeatedly invited him to give advice and suggestions for significant development of Aikang Group.
Dr. Wang Dong said: "Academician Li Peigen's assumption of the post of Co-Chairman is of great milestone significance for our development and growth. As a scientist and a well-known public figure, he can help us grasp the strategic development direction. He can also give us strategic guiding opinions on development of emerging businesses like Aikang Cloud and Aikang Mommy, as well as management of chronic diseases and health management of women and children... " Dr. Wang Dong confidently gave an outlook on the future contributions of Academician Li Peigen to the development of Aikang Group.
Group photo of Academician Li Peigen with members of Aikang Group's board of directors
At the meeting, Academician Li Peigen happily accepted the letter of appointment issued by Senior Vice President Wang Guannan on behalf of Aikang Group’s board of directors, and took a group photo with members of Aikang Group's board of directors.
After listening to the work reports of senior executives present at the meeting, Academician Li Peigen had a deeper understanding of Aikang Group's situation of internal management and current development, firming his confidence in the development of Aikang Group. He said: "Dr. Wang Dong advocates the mission of ‘life equality’ and the service aim of ‘patients first’, of which employees are proud. The core management philosophy, essence or treasure of Aikang Group is ‘being honest, doing things wholeheartedly, and conducting system management’, which is also essential for better development of all medical institutions in China. Dr. Wang Dong's noble sense of mission and values have deeply moved me so that I join the Aikang Group."
After the meeting, senior executives encouraged "Uncle Gen" with love 
He also said: "Living up to Dr. Wang Dong's original intention, we must spare no effort to develop Aikang Group well to benefit the country and the people. Let us join hands to create a life-equality-oriented medical environment with our love.”
Group photo of Academician Li Peigen with all senior executives of Aikang Group