Warm congratulations on the launch of the smart platform entitled "Aikang Mommy"!

Warm congratulations on the launch of the smart platform entitled "Aikang Mommy"! 
Aikang Mommy enables more scientific gestation management and more affordable maternal & child consumption. 

Introduction: Despite a decline in fertility rate on a yearly basis, China’s maternal & child health care and consumption markets are showing a growth trend as a whole. Amid the rapid improvement of China in economic level and medical technology, consumption upgrade has given rise to an increase in child-rearing cost, thus imposing significant burdens on many families. Modern consumers mainly pursue for safe, scientific and affordable consumption. 
On June 6, 2019, the “Aikang Mommy” project was officially launched with the strong support and promotion by Dr. Wang Dong, Chairman of Aikang Group. As a Internet-based strategic innovation project of Aikang Group focusing on the field of maternal & child healthcare, Aikang Mommy is committed to providing maternal & child health services in a safe, scientific and affordable manner. After six months of intensive preparation and technology research and development, the launching ceremony of the smart platform Aikang Mommy was grandly held in the assembly hall of Yueyang Aikang Hospital on January 13, 2020. 
On January 13, 2020, the smart platform Aikang Mommy was launched. 
Speech by Sheng Yan, CEO of Aikang Mommy 
At the beginning of the meeting, Sheng Yan, CEO of Aikang Mommy, delivered a speech online in the North American Business headquarters of Aikang Group, in which he acknowledged the achievements made in the past six months and expressed sincere gratitude to the teams having made contributions to such achievements. Subsequently, Yan Yongcheng, CTO of Aikang Mommy, looked back to the R&D process of Aikang Mommy online, saying that their results are hard-won, but they will have a more promising future. Cao Xuedong, Executive Vice President of Aikang Mommy, also delivered a speech, fully affirming Aikang Mommy and looking forward to its best development. Then he, together with the guests, officially launched Aikang Mommy. At the meeting, Product Manager of Aikang Mommy expounded and demonstrated the comprehensive, convenient and scientific functions of Aikang Mommy. The attending medical workers scanned the QR code and followed the official WeChat account of Aikang Mommy. After experiencing, they all acclaimed the platform. 
As a smart platform, Aikang Mommy is committed to providing localized ecological services for the patients in the departments of obstetrics and pediatrics, mainly including all-round gestation services for the women during pregnancy and whose children are 0-3 years old. Based on the Internet, the Internet of Things, and other technologies, Aikang Mommy can provide maternal & child health services in a convenient, intelligent, and scientific way. Through linkage with offline physical hospitals and familiar doctors, Aikang Mommy can offer personalized, out-of-hospital, extended medical services for maternal & child users, so as to better safeguard their health during pregnancy and child rearing. Through integration of local maternal & child service providers, Aikang Mommy, relying on its international vision and advantages in maternal & child service resources, has set up a platform for trading of high-quality but price-favorable ecological goods/services, which will bring more benefits to maternal & child users.

Speech by Lin Zhifu, Executive Vice President of Yueyang Aikang Hospital 
At the meeting, Lin Zhifu, Executive Vice President of Yueyang Aikang Hospital, made a speech, saying that Aikang Mommy is scientific and practical in function in the eyes of hospitals and maternal & child users. He hopes that Aikang Mommy and hospitals can enhance strategic cooperation and work together to provide better, more convenient and comprehensive services for maternal & child users, so as to boost the development of hospitals and Aikang Group. 
At the meeting full of warm atmosphere, Aikang people expressed their love to Aikang Mommy, the future star of Aikang Group, in a unique way. 
Scan the QR code using WeChat or search for the "Aikang Mommy" applet to start experiencing. Take actions now!