Aikang Mommy Comes! Aikang Group Expands Innovative Internet Business Map Again

With the rapid development of China's economy and medical technology, as well as the full implementation of the two-child policy, people pay more and more attention to women's and children's healthcare industry. In order to further broaden Aikang Group’s grounding channels to explore the application of Internet technologies and business models, accelerate the Group's brand restructuring for better adaption to the future development of the medical market, and create high-value Internet medical commercial brand in women's and children's healthcare field of China, under the strong support and promotion by Dr. Wang Dong, Chairman of the Group, Aikang Mommy Internet Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Group, was officially launched. It will effectively utilize the Group's valuable operational experience in women’s and children’s healthcare, together with excellent Internet technologies and talent resources at home and abroad, to take advantage of the broad market opportunities. 
Launching Ceremony
On the afternoon of June 6, 2019, Aikang Group "Aikang Mommy" Internet Innovative Business Launching Conference was held in the multifunctional hall of Huangshi Aikang Hospital. 

Speech by Sheng Yan, CEO of Aikang Group

COO of the Group Li Wuer and CEO of Aikang Mommy Sheng Yan Signed Investment Cooperation Agreement in the Conference 
Sheng Yan, CEO of the Group's North American Business and CEO of Aikang Mommy, delivered a speech that Aikang Mommy will build a marketing management platform for women’s and children's medical members based on mobile Internet technology to help medical institutions to better deepen the market and promote the growth through the integration of online member information management and offline healthcare service operation, thus to achieve the short-, medium- and long-term development goals of the enterprise in an efficient manner. 

Core Team Members of Beijing Aikang Group "Aikang Mommy" Unveiled 
As the leader of Aikang Mommy's domestic business, COO Yao Songmin introduced the core business direction of the Company to the guests. He said that the women’s and children’s industry covers a wide range, and maternity and children’s medical care runs through the whole pregnancy to the postpartum stage. The departments of obstetrics & gynecology of Huangshi Aikang and Yueyang Aikang, both under Aikang Group, are the focus of development. Each hospital has served over 150,000 patients in total, enjoying large development space. Against the backdrop of the nationwide market, the entire market of women's and children's medical care and surrounding services is even huger. To medical institutions, with the intensive competition in the medical market, the traditional medical service management of maternal and child patients is weaker from the angles of service richness, interactivity and convenience. Additionally, its scalability is also affected by technical conditions. Aikang Mommy will start from the two perspectives of Internet medical service development and membership marketing management to achieve online and offline application scenario links and create a full-cycle management ecosystem for women and children through the integration of online platform and offline operation. Thus, it will help medical institutions to better improve their service capabilities and achieve operational goals efficiently. 

Speech by Li Wuer, COO of Aikang Group 
The Group COO Li Wuer said that Aikang Mommy will bring new prospects and hopes for the development of the Group. At present, two innovative companies, namely, Aikang Cloud and Aikang Mommy, have been established and in the future, the Group will launch the third, fourth and more innovative businesses that will support the future of the Group. These innovative businesses will bring a lot of benefits to our city in the future. Aikang Mommy will become the “development zone” of Aikang Group and make greater achievements in the field of innovative business. It will definitely become the biggest highlight and growth point of the Group. In today's society, data have become the most important asset and wealth of an enterprise. The core of Aikang Mommy's management of women and children is data management. Good utilization of these data will bring tremendous changes. Meanwhile, Aikang Mommy will bring great returns to Aikang as an emerging business. 

Address by Dr. Wang Dong, Chairman of Aikang Group 
At the end of the launching ceremony, Dr. Wang Dong, Chairman of the Group, addressed Aikang Mommy as follows: this is a career with promising future and the Group will give the best efforts to support the development of Aikang Mommy. We will fully mobilize and distribute high-quality resources to assist Aikang Mommy to carry out and develop “Internet plus Medical” Project quickly.