[Group]The Inspection of Beijing Aikang Group in Singapore and Smooth Convening of the General Meeting of Shareholders

To better fulfill our core values of “patients first”, and learn from the foreign advanced management experience and innovation concept of medical and health services, Dr. Wang Dong, Chairman of Beijing Aikang Group led all shareholders and senior managers to go to Singapore for five-day inspection, exchange and learning, on October 10-15, 2017. 
The delegation successively inspected and visited Elizabeth NOVENA Hospital under ParkwayHealth, Singapore Central hospital and Farrer Park Hospital under Singapore Farrer Park Medical Group. 
It was reported that Elizabeth NOVENA Hospital is a five-star hotel hospital providing various customized services for patients, such as personal care, housekeeper services, personal entertainment terminal, sickbed handling services for discharge procedure, etc., which all enable each patient to enjoy thoughtful care in Elizabeth NOVENA Hospital.   
Singapore Central Hospital, as one of the most time-honored and largest hospitals in Singapore, was accredited as the world’s second largest hospital by the International Joint Commission under the Institute of Medicine, USA in 2005. 
Farrer Park Hospital is a private third-level medical institution which gathers numerous well-known doctors from Asia Pacific and has advanced equipment, the world’s cutting-edge medicines and precise medical technology. Through integrating its overall design architecture and current development of medical technology into the therapy, the doctors are able to understand patients better, identify responsibilities and enhance the service quality. 
Dr. Wang Dong, Chairman of the Group led the delegation to visit and learn from these three hospitals in every possible detail, and to understand in detail their respective management modes and service experience, thus providing more new ideas and worthwhile measures for further optimizing the medical experience of patients and enhancing the treatment & therapy technology and medical service quality. 
During the inspection, the three hospitals also understood the culture and concept of Beijing Aikang Group through exchange. They expressed that the delegation is a professional management team and also a diligent, studious and progressive team. It is believed that Beijing Aikang Group will surely forge ahead stably in the medical undertakings. 
On October 13, Beijing Aikang Group held the General Meeting of Shareholders in Singapore. Huang Zhimin, Assist to Chairman and Secretary of the Board of Directors presided over the meeting. 
Dr. Wang Dong, Chairman of the Group delivered a brief speech at the meeting. Afterwards, Li Wuer, COO of the Group summarized and reported on the Group’s work in the first half of 2017, and the plan and arrangement of key work for the second half of the year. Hou Jie, Executive Director and CIO of the Group reported on the development of the first half of the year, simulating the enthusiasm and will of shareholders. Li Liyan, Medical Director and President of Huangshi Aikang Hospital also shared her work experience around the theme of “struggles for Grade AAA rating”. 
At the meeting, shareholders also made full discussion on future development planning and strategy as well as other aspects of the Group, and unified their thinking. 
Dr. Wang Dong emphasized that enterprise development depends on teamwork instead of personal heroism. Teams should create the all-conquering competitiveness through their executive force when winning victories through strategies. Hence, our team is able to address ever-changing environment only through effective execution and win a priority for the Group’s development. We shall continue to strengthen the hospital management over property, procurement, medical quality and medical service innovation, so as to provide patients with a medical environment that is more neat, peaceful and clean and fulfill our core values of “patients first” in every detail of our work. Shareholders should come up with high-level solutions only by thinking problems from the perspectives of shareholders. For example, it is impossible that the Chairman or a president can win the Grade AAA rating for Huangshi Aikang Hospital on their own efforts. The hospital may pass the on-spot appraisal for the Grade AAA rating at a time only all staff cooperate with each other, make united efforts and work hard with the faith of sure success. It is true for enterprise development. Firstly, we should desire for the same objective and make every effort to achieve it. Any company strategy is dependent on the efforts of all staff. We should always take into full account of long-term strategic issues, midterm listing and operation problems in near future. Meanwhile, we should discard the inherent thinking mode and think of innovative means of hospital management independently. Singapore Elizabeth Hospital has no echeloning talent building and three-level ward inspection, which is totally different from our traditional practice. Hence, we should smash inherent concepts in our future work. As a saying goes, there’s no making without breaking. We should completely get rid of many years-long traditional restrictions on public hospitals. 
Through this inspection, we have gained valuable reference experience in hospital management, hospital services and other aspects. In future, Beijing Aikang Group will continue to go abroad for learning advanced medical management concepts from more countries, so as to enhance our management, provide better medical services for people, and make useful exploration and practice in the development of China’s medical cause.