[Huangshi Aikang]Huangshi Aikang Hospital passed the on-spot evaluation for Class-A3 Hospital

On September 18-21, 2017, Huangshi Aikang Hospital, under Beijing Aikang Group, passed the on-spot evaluation for the construction of a Class-A3 hospital, organized by the Hubei Provincial Commission for Population, Health and Family Planning.

Since 2014, the Group has attached great importance to the construction of a Class-A3 hospital in Huangshi Aikang Hospital and invested heavily in the infrastructure construction to improve the patients' hospitalizing condition and environment; vigorously the input in increased the Hospital's informatization to improve the hospitalizing procedures and provide convenience for patients; greatly strengthened the management of the Hospital by using scientific management tools and management methods, so as to promote the improvement of medical service quality and ensure medical safety. All the staff of Huangshi Aikang Hospital have been actively working and striving for comprehensive improvement and connotation upgrade according to the national evaluation criteria for Class-3A hospitals. Appointed by the Hubei Provincial Commission for Population, Health and Family Planning, the panel of evaluation experts has fully affirmed the construction work of Huangshi Aikang Hospital for becoming eligible for a Class-A3 hospital after four days of rigorous and detailed evaluation.

The Group always adheres to the core values of "Patient first" and the management concepts of "Keeping truthful in running the hospital, determined in making efforts, and compliant in managing the hospital". The Group also always requests all subordinate hospitals to strictly standardize medical behavior, continuously improve medical quality, and deem medical quality and safety as the lifeline. The Group required Huangshi Aikang Hospital to promote the construction and reform through such evaluation, strengthen all achievements made in the construction, promote the hospital to step on the journey to scientific, standardized and institutionalized management, allow the hospital to be more capable of serving patients and guaranteeing their life and health, and make unremitting efforts to achieve the sacred mission of "creating a medical environment of life equality with our love"!