Investment management

Established in 1993, Beijing Aikang Group is committed to four industries, including medical investment, securities & funds, hotel & catering, and real estate and has set up four headquarters in Beijing, Wuhan, Huangshi, and North America.

Aikang boasts 27 medical institutions in Hubei, Hunan, and Anhui, over 3,200 beds, and above 3,000 functional and medical staff, including nearly 400 members with senior vice titles. Aikang owns 1 Grade-A tertiary hospital and 3 secondary hospitals in addition to first-level hospitals, community service centers, branch hospitals, etc.

Aikang is adept at post-investment management and able to help hospitals realize fast growth in revenues. We founded Tongji Aikang Hospital Management Co., Ltd. in partnership with Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2013 and has input great dedications into hospital post-investment management. The Group has a fair amount of capitals, including ¥ 800 million funds at its disposal and ¥ 1.5 billion equity investment and fund trust. In addition, the Group is valued above ¥ 2 billion, along with perfect title to nearly 30,000 sqm properties (including residential and commercial buildings).

Oriented in the mission to create a medical environment where life is equal with our love, the Group has gradually developed and enhanced the management philosophy of “running a hospital in good faith, performing one’s duties with strong determination, and governing a hospital via comprehensive systems”. Focusing on hospitals, we adopt a host of cooperative models such as wholly-owned acquisition, equity investment, and mandatory administration. In addition, we will cooperate with medical science & service enterprises to build a medical platform with whole industrial chain.

Beijing Aikang Group looks forward to cooperating with you!

Investment project

Large Hospitals

Restructuring of state-owned hospitals: hospitals proposed to transform their systems and needing introduce external funds;

Transfer of hospitals: hospitals proposed to transfer assets in whole

Specialized cooperation: hospitals with requirements for developing specialized subjects;

Comprehensive management: hospitals with requirements for introducing external management.

Community Hospitals

Comprehensive management: Community hospitals with requirements for introducing external management.

Health Care Industry

Oriented in first aid and heart & brain treatment, it is a platform that focuses on hospitals, diverges patients, and extends the services of hospitals .

Successful Cases

Huangshi Aikang Hospital: After investment management of 14 years, it has developed into a local large-scale Grade-A tertiary hospital.

Yueyang Aikang Hospital: After commencing the cooperation in 2011, Beijing Aikang Group has input lots of funds to alter and expand the hospital, laying a solid foundation for its further development.

Tongjichibi Hospital: In November 2015, Beijing Aikang Group and Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology cofounded Tongji Aikang Hospital Management Co., Ltd. to join Chibi Pufang Hospital. Thus, the hospital has been upgraded comprehensively.

Chaohu Soong Chingling Caring Hospital: In December 2016, Beijing Aikang Group took over the hospital in whole and defined the development on tumor diagnosis and treatment. In consequence, the hospital’s revenues have surged.

Community Hospitals: Aikang has acquired and managed more than 20 community hospitals.

Contextual Genomics: In June 2017, Aikang YiYuan Enterprise Corp. invested CAD 2 million into the company.

Strategic planning

Beijing Aikang Group, as China’s first private company with wholly-owned Grade-A tertiary hospitals, is engaging in investment cooperation across the country, in an attempt to become a first-rate, professional, and international medical investment company in China.

Development Goal: In reliance upon strong capital strength and ability to manage hospitals, Aikang aims to become China’s most influential listed comprehensive medical service group.

Development Plan: Aikang will further focus on hospital investment and mainly grow on medical services and extended services of hospitals; we will invest ¥ 5 billion in 3 to 5 years to become a medical holding group covering pre-hospital, hospital, and post-hospital businesses.

Cooperating modes

Acquisition of Hospitals

Acquire, invest, or manage public/private comprehensive/specialized medical institutions, deepen hospital administration reform, support targeted hospitals in development of key specialties, and improve their service capabilities and regional influences

Invest and manage first-level hospitals and community health centers, offer Aikang’s medical technology network and chain management to basic medical institutions, and enhance their abilities to service the public

Equity Investment

Pay attention to new technology, models, and devices in the field of comprehensive health, make equity investment in companies of this field by not only injecting capitals but also making Aikang’s service network and flow available to them to facilitate their companies

Medical Health Towns

As the medical health towns in central China is developed comprehensively, Aikang will cooperate with the content providers in the towns.

Industrial Fund

Raise capitals from the investors paying attention to the field of comprehensive health through industry funds and the like, provide high yields for investors through scientifically selected projects and professional post-investment management

Strategic Cooperation

Cooperative partners: CAS Health under Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co, Ltd., Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Chinese Enterprises Hospital Association, AVIC Hospital Association, CCB International (Holding) Co., Ltd., AVIC Capital Co., Ltd., HYK GENE, CITIC Securities, Merchants Securities, Beijing International Trust Co., Ltd.