Corporate Culture

Create a lives-equal medical environment with our love
Service Philosophy
Virtual of great physician; equal lives
Management Philosophy
Run the hospital in good faith, work with our heart, and manage the hospital with systems.
Core Value
Patients first

We are committed to bring health and hope for mankind and treat every patient with parental care. We pursue the virtual of great physician and uphold the principle of being responsible for every patient.

We work hard in an encouraging environment. To achieve our noble goal, we learn together, grow together and support each other. We believe that our growth comes from your help.

As social citizens, we have the duty to undertake all due social obligations. We appreciate the people developing together with us because they provide opportunities for us to do what we do and give full play to our ability. We will convert such supports and assistance into love and wealth to repay all people helping us and this beautiful society.

Execution Criteria
Result comes first, excuse second; determination comes first, success or failure second; earnest comes first, intelligence second; speed comes first, perfection second.
Code of Conduct:
Be honest and trustworthy; make continuous innovation; actions speak louder than words.
Build the Love & Health Croup into the most influential public-listing comprehensive medical group in China